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Living Out Loud

I’ve done nude and sexy shoots (even have an album on FB called “beautiful in my skin”). And I’ve taken boudoir shots of brides while getting ready – some more bold than others. I’ve even done nude and semi-nude shots for women who want to surprise their partner/spouse for Valentine’s, anniversaries, birthdays etc. And truth be told, I’ve done one a few years ago too.

But the thing that I struggle with personally, and something I try to aim for with the less bold brides, is that comfort. That ownership. That self-all-inclusive love. My weight fluctuates like you would not believe, and sometimes I can’t be bothered; other times I’m so self-conscious that I really don’t think of myself as beautiful at all.

And then I see my brides and other women on photoshoots who might begin a shoot with “I’m not that photogenic” and I think, “You are soooo gorgeous, what are you talking about?!” – I’ll voice it too. And if I can get that woman to forget her self-doubts and truly enjoy the day or the shoot, then I feel good… I feel, selfishly like I’ve also self-projected and she’s helped me to help myself.

A few months ago I got the opportunity to do a sexy shoot with an Antiguan Cultural Icon, Heather Doram (she is an awesome artist that you should check out). It was actually on her bucket list – do a sexy photo shoot! It was beyond awesome. Heather Doram definitely makes 60+ look fabulous, fun and fearless. Her nuggets of wisdom are so point on and truly food for the soul. Her energy is infectious. Her confidence is undeniable and a life goal to attain.

Another awesome thing about this powerful woman, besides the fact that she is truly living her life out loud and trying new things almost every day, is that she is all for woman empowerment. She is a living success and loves to see other women become their own success stories too. So yes, I went a little meme crazy and created these memes from her shoot and an interview I did with her (you can read more here:

One of her quotes I definitely plan on embodying is this one:

“I don’t intend to die without having lived!”

So love your body. Fall in love with you again. And don’t be afraid to take it all off (the insecurities, the fears, the doubts, the naysayers, that negativity) and just LIVE OUT LOUD!!!

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