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One of my Favs...

One of my favourite movies is 28 Dresses … that movie with the older sister who is ALWAYS a bridesmaid in someone else’s wedding. No, I don’t like it for the fact that she reminds me of me (although I end up double playing as honorary bridesmaid/maid of honour and photographer) but because of this one line in the movie. The main character shares my sentiments when it comes to the bride’s grand arrival.

You see, while everyone is staring at the bride, I love to look at the groom. I love to see his initial reaction to seeing his life partner all decked out for him … walking to him … smiling at each other … you get the idea. I try as much as possible to be in a position to capture this first reaction. And boy have I had some reactions!

Recently, I had a groom’s face light up like a five year-old on Christmas morning. His entire face went red, his eyes almost popped out his eyes and I don’t think he closed his mouth. In

fact, he said, rather loudly, “Wow!” I do have to give her credit though, his bride was absolutely gorgeous in her exotic two-piece gown with just enough mid drift baring. She was stunning.

I’ve seen grooms spot their brides and have tears sneak out their eyes and slowly make their way down the groom’s cheek. I’ve even had a few grooms cry, almost uncontrollably, when seeing their brides. One dear friend of mine (and I know he’ll kill me for this) had the most delayed cry reaction ever! Now, he and his bride had an intimate ceremony months before the first wedding… but it wa

s during the larger, second ceremony that this wonderful man stunned us. Here it was that AFTER the bride’s entrance, AFTER the exchange of vows and rings and blessings… yes AFTER all that and just before the finale, we saw this man double over in his chair… for a moment, we all thought he was laughing (it was a light-hearted and fun wedding), it was only moments after that we realised he was literally bawling. Well… the expression on his best man’s face was priceless! Needless to say, we still tease him about it … but it has indeed been wonderful to see that those tender (and elaborate) moments of emotional indulgence are deeply rooted and still evident in their relationship today.

Now I know some persons have joked that these men are mourning their bachelor days as the reason for their tears. But I have to say, the majority of grooms I’ve seen crying – I don’t believe that was the case at all at all. I love the tenderness in their eyes … I love seeing the way their partners either join them in tears or gently wipe their faces. I love the emotion that is contained in each tear drop that escapes his eyes. I love seeing that raw, uncensored love. Sometimes, in life, when moment is just too awesome, too amazing, too overwhelming to be expressed in words, tears are the only way we can release the enormity of the emotion.

I love watching the way most of my grooms look at their brides – they literally see nothing and no one else. I love capturing the tenderness in their eyes, their touch, even the way they whisper “I love you” and “You’re so beautiful”. Yes, that is definitely a perk of being a wedding photographer (especially one who gets up all up in ya biznez LOL). I get to see the couple share private jokes; see them whisper tender sentiments to each other; see those beautiful exchanges of unspoken vows.

So yes, I have to admit … that when everyone turns to catch that first glimpse of the bride, I like to turn to the groom to see his first glimpse of his future. These tender moments continue to fuel my belief in love.

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