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Another year...

It’s 2015!!!!!!!!!

For some of us that means nothing more than a change in the last digit of the year. For others it brings hope – hope that we’ll get it right this time around; hope that we’ll be further along our road to our goals; hope that we’ll meet that person; hope that there’ll be love, excitement and abundance.

Each new year brings with it hope and of course new challenges. But the start of a new year also causes many of us to pause and reflect on the year we had. For me, I reflect on the love that I’ve been blessed to capture. Unapologetically a hopeless romantic, each wedding I shoot fuels my hope of one day finding that great love.


In 2013, I managed to shoot my 100th wedding, and I thought that was absolutely remarkable. I have not counted the number of weddings I’ve done in 2014 as yet, but I continue to be amazed and humbled by the fact that so many people in love have trusted me, trusted my vision, to capture “express their timeless moments”. It continues to be an honour.

I enjoy listening to each story – how the couple met, how they fell in love, how long they’ve been together, what makes them “click”. Each story really is different and perfect in its own way. I must admit that I love the stories from the more mature couples. It gives me hope that love is waiting for you, and there really is no limit to loving, laughing and living out loud. I love the younger couples for their hope and endless possibilities. I love the couples who find their way back to each other, after separation and even divorce, they find their way back … and it’s even better. And most of all, I love getting a bird’s eye view, and even a “fly on the wall” view of the love stories that unfold in my friends’ lives. That, for me, is a deep honour indeed to capture one of my friends’ special days. In fact, I always tell them don’t look at me if they start cry, or I’ll start crying too!!! (Although I have to admit there have been some emotional weddings over the year where I almost forgot I was working because I was so caught up in the raw and beautiful emotion of the moment – you’ll see more blogs on those later on).

Even though my own love life can be a bestseller with a Lifetime Movie Network hit, I have been truly blessed to be surrounded by the love of others. So as I continue to prepare myself for my amazing love story, my photography resolution is simply this: I want to continue capturing the beautiful moments of love that people bring to me. May I continue to faithfully be a hopeless romantic and help you express your timeless moments.

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